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From Stitching Threads to Weaving Success     

From Stitching Threads To Weaving Success     

Rathnamma’s incredible story of training under almost all of Shahi’s programs to leading a line of her own and striving for a better workplace.

“There was a school in my village, Chiknallie, opposite my house. For almost seven years, I served as a teacher there,” Rathnamma said; her eyes sparkled, and a wide smile embraced her face. 

Rathnamma, a resilient and determined individual hailing from Pandavapura, Mysore, has a story that embodies perseverance and adaptability within the backdrop of a close-knit, rural community. She has remained a valued member at Shahi in Mysore for four years.

The sparkle turned into a determined fire when asked why she moved to Srirangapatna. She has a singular goal,

“So that my children can have a good education. I am passionate about ensuring my kids receive a good education.” 

She joined Shahi as a tailor and was enrolled in the Gap Inc. P.A.C.E. Program. 

“When I was first introduced to the Gap Inc. P.A.C.E program, a group of us humorously mistook it as the FACE program. I was puzzled, wondering what they would teach us about faces and related topics,” she chuckled. Designed to support career and personal life development, the program unveiled new perspectives and insights.

“It helped me see things from a different perspective and highlighted areas where improvements could be made. I also learned how to approach my responsibilities at work and within my family.” Rathnamma’s growth, adaptability, and pride are evident.

In 2021, Rathnamma became Captain in the cutting department. She proudly says,

“It was recognized that I possessed leadership qualities and the ability to manage and lead a group of people effectively.”

But, her desire to learn led her to sign up for STITCH. A takeaway for Rathnamma was how to motivate her colleagues on a fast-paced factory floor. Her approach is “grounded and empathetic.”

“Before they begin working on the machine, I make it a point to call them in advance,” she explains. Her proactive guidance ensures smooth transitions for her team from one style to another.

Her dedication to her work and community is evident in her election as a committee member. Currently, she serves as an EHS committee member, focusing on the well-being and safety of her fellow workers.

“If I could speak to my younger self, I would convey a message of resilience and pride. I would tell my younger self that she once may have felt confined like a frog in a well but broke free of those limitations.”

Rathnamma pursued her dreams, acquired new skills through hard work, and emerged as a leader, all while remaining deeply committed to her family and community.

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