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Sustainability is an exercise in both social and environmental well-being.

Sustainability isn't just about doing good – it's about making a real difference for people, the planet, and our prosperity. We realize an even greater responsibility to move the needle in favor of the planet and people with each step. Our 'Responsible For' framework is more than just a plan; it's our promise.

FY 2022-23 Highlights


women workers trained in Gap Inc. P.A.C.E., a soft skills program, since 2007


of our factories now have access to Inache, an anonymous digital worker voice tool by GBL


placement rate in our skill development program for community women running in 18 states

1.2 million

hours of training delivered


factories now under the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP)


verified Higg FEM score against global average 59.67%

92.5 MW

total renewable electricity capacity, including 8.75MW wind energy


sustainable fiber used in garmenting

0 coal

used for generating on-site energy in garmenting


CDP Score against global average of C

Sustainability Certifications


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WBResponsible For Planet 100x100

Responsible for Planet

We believe in responsible business growth by integrating environmental sustainability into the heart of our operations at all stages of production. We improve our environmental performance through resource conservation and pollution prevention to consistently achieve higher resource efficiency.

Our Targets and Progress in FY 2022

Area Target 2022 Progress (Cumulative)
Energy 100% renewable electricity by 2026 70%
50% energy consumption from carbon-neutral sources by 2026 36%
Water and Wastewater 85% recycled water usage for industrial purposes in garment units by 2024 81%
75% recycled water usage for industrial purposes in textile mills by 2024 71%
WBResponsible For People 100x100

Responsible for People

At Shahi, we firmly believe that our people are invaluable assets that drive our successes. Our approach cultivates a secure and thriving atmosphere for our employees and cares for the communities we operate in. We carry our founder’s spirit of empowering people and driving financial independence in all our programs.

Our Targets and Progress in FY 2022

Area Target 2022 Progress (Cumulative)
Governance All factories under SLCP by 2024 Covered 84% of our factories
To have the Inache tool in all factories by 2024 Scaled to 74% of our factories
Empowered Workforce To train 90,000 women in Gap Inc. P.A.C.E. by 2024 Trained 86,492 women (96%)
To train 100% of supervisors in STITCH by 2024 Trained 4,772 supervisors (78%)
To enroll 500 leaders in eight months of leadership course training under PULSE by 2025 Enrolled 455 Leaders (91%)
To train 2,000 unit and corporate staff in various behaviors and soft skills by 2024 Trained 2,495 staff (124%)
Fair and Respectful Workplace Train 65,000 community women through Skill Development by 2024 Trained 53,542 women (82%)
Samarthanam 300x300

Corporate Social Responsibility

Serve, uplift, and transform communities for a sustainable future.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an arm of our Responsible For People mission that extends our learnings from worker well-being initiatives to our communities. Our purpose to uplift people emerges from our founder’s understanding of the ripple effect triggered by meaningful employment. The transformation of people’s lives through our employees is a motivation to dedicate our energies toward our focus areas.

Our CSR Policy 2023-2024

Our focus areas and key initiatives:

CSR Committee Members

  • J. D. Giri, Director (Chairperson)
  • Anant Ahuja, Head, ESG
  • Anbazhagan T, Chief Operating Officer, Knits Division
  • Anand Padmanabhan, President, Corporate Affairs
Area Target 2022 Performance (Cumulative)
Samarthanam-300x300 Samarthanam | Skill Development
Promote and provide access to soft and technical skills and sustained employment to women, youth, and low-income, underprivileged communities
Support 10,000 migrant workers by expanding our migration support center by 2025 Reached 5,047 migrants
Training 1,880 women, including those at risk of trafficking in sewing and soft skills to promote employment and microenterprises by 2025 Reached 651 women
Soukyam-300x300 Soukyam | Health
Drive better health and life expectancy for women, children, and low-income and marginalized communities
Deliver maternal, menstrual and reproductive health services to 42,000 beneficiaries by 2025 Reached 18,099 beneficiaries
Shikshanam-300x300 Shikshanam | Education
Elevate access to foundational literacy for school-going learners
Improve infrastructure, access, delivery, and quality of education for 16,000 children by 2025 Reached 3,054 beneficiaries
Swacchatam-300x300 Swacchatam | Environemental Sustainability
Facilitates a better living environment in at-risk communities and ecosystems
Plant 21,000 trees in Delhi NCR by 2025 Planted 10,000 trees
Improve solid waste management practices in communities for 150,000 beneficiaries by 2025 Reached 13,025 beneficiaries
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