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Shahi's Journey To Achieving 100% Renewable Electricity

Shahi’s journey to achieving 100% renewable electricity

The fashion industry, like many others, is energy-intensive. To find solutions to the climate change challenges it becomes imperative for all stakeholders in the value chain to play their part in driving decarbonization. As India’s largest apparel manufacturer and exporter, Shahi hopes to support the long-term sustainability of the fashion industry with a vision to power its operations with 100% renewable electricity. This blog post summarizes the insights from interviews with our management on our approach towards energy conservation and clean energy transition. 
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Using Textile Waste To Enhance Cotton Production: Results From A Field Trial With HKRITA

Using textile waste to enhance cotton production: Results from a field trial with HKRITA

Shahi and The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HRKITA) are collaborating to advance their shared goals of moving towards a circular economy and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the apparel supply chain. HKRITA’s technologies successfully transform cellulose powder recovered from recycling cotton-polyester blends into a superabsorbent polymer (SAP). The application of this SAP in cotton production was tested in the field by Shahi. Initial results indicate that applying SAP on the cotton plants did improve water retention, especially under extreme water stress, and hence enhanced cotton yield and quality. A larger experiment in 2021 will be conducted to validate these findings.
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Partnership with Columbia Sportswear to provide clean water to communities

Columbia Sportswear, one of our key customers, is committed to reducing its water footprint across the supply chain. They have also partnered with Planet Water Foundation to give access to clean and accessible drinking water to schools in their supply chain communities. Columbia Sportswear and Shahi teamed up to invest in a water tower with ultra-filtration at a government school in Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, near one of our factories.
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